Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Sid's POV

I remember that it hurt.

Thinking of her having dinner with him hurt.  I couldn't focus on the bench, something I promised myself I would never let my outside life do to my game, but all game long, all I could picture in my head was her smiling at him.

I had went over to her house in a red haze, and up until two seconds ago before she started pushing me away, I was in what I would call one of the best places in the world; perched between her creamy white thighs.

As she stands up and walks away from me, I run my hands through my hair and sigh heavily. I rub my eyes, trying my hardest to calm down, when I feel something land on my shoulder. I grab at the fabric, holding it out in front of me and realize it's her t-shirt.

I turn around and my greedy gaze automatically falls on the generous swell of her breasts as she's backing toward her bedroom in nothing but her underwear. She smiles my favorite confidant smirk before crooking her finger at me and then disappearing behind the divider dissecting her bed from the living area.

If there is one thing I don't need, it's to be told twice.

I stand up, taking my suit jacket off and tossing it neatly on the couch before starting in on my tie.

As I round the corner, I notice she's kicked the comforter to the side, but she's got the sheets tucked up under her arms, looking at me expectantly as I toss my tie on a close by chair. I stand there for a minute just looking at her before she eventually nervously gestures for me to continue with the removal of my clothing.

"Oh, now I hardly think that's fair," I laugh, pointing out the fact that she's not exposed even a little bit.

"I do," she quietly responds, "I took my clothes off for you first."

"Yeah, and then ran away from me," I answer, taking a couple of steps toward her while slowly working on the buttons of my shirt.

"So come catch me then."

I nod my head once, reaching down and unbuckling my belt so I can untuck my shirt and pull it off. As I step out of my shoes, I look up at her and see her biting her lip in anticipation. I smirk before placing my pants on the chair as well and then finally joining her on the bed.

I place my hand on the side of her head, not wanting to rush anything. Luckily, she seems just as nervous as I am, as her grip on the blanket only loosens a little bit as I reach down to kiss her. She's timid at first, but eventually she reaches up with both arms and locks them behind my head. I take my opportunity and gently start to pull the sheets down, and to my surprise she lets me.

I pull them all the way down, taking in every inch of her skin as it's exposed to me. As my eyes rake over her, I can tell she's embarrassed, but all I can think about is how beautiful she is.

I run my hand down her side, loving the way her curves feel under my touch. When I finally get down to her thighs, he legs part and I smile. It's not until she raises off of the bed, allowing me to pull her panties down, that my hands start to shake the slightest bit.

Rae's POV

He tosses my panties to the side somewhere, his hand automatically filling their absence. I close my eyes, feeling my back bow at his touch.

For a young guy, he only needs a little bit of coaching, but there is definitely something to be said for his enthusiasm. I reach down, taking his hand in mine, and slow down his movements and add just a little bit of pressure and I automatically moan.

I look up at him and see his eyes intently locked in on mine, as if that was the best sound he's ever heard. He applies more pressure, and I snap my eyes closed and  can't help but let another moan escape my traitorous lips. I feel slightly frustrated as he pulls his hand away moments later and open my eyes to find him moving toward the end of the bed and pushing my thighs apart before taking his first tentative lick.

He's such a quick learner that he's using the same exact amount of pressure with his tongue as he did his hand, and in no time I'm grabbing ahold of the sheets, balling them up in my fists just for something to hold on to as I start to feel my legs starting to quiver.

When he adds his hands to the mix, inserting two fingers and making a 'come here' gesture, I cry out, not caring if my neighbors can hear me or not.

I look down and him as he's smiling at me, wiping his mouth before crawling up my limp body and kissing me on the lips.

I reach down, fumbling with his boxer briefs before he finally reaches down and helps me. He positions himself in between my thighs again before looking up at me as if asking for permission one last time. I nod my head slightly as he reaches down and kisses me before slowly sliding his dick inside me, making me cry out for the second time of many this evening.

I wake up before my alarm the next morning, only to find myself comfortably embodied by Sid. I feel slightly embarrassed as I notice that neither of us have clothes on. When I reach back to stretch, I realize that not every part of Sid is still sleeping and smile to myself.

I gently push him onto his back, looking down at the content look on his face before I climb on top of him. I look down at his defined midsection and even though I'm sore from last night, I can feel myself already getting wet for him. I run my hand through his hair, surprised he's not awake yet before reaching down, grab him in my hands and very gently slide down over him. When he's fully sheathed inside of me he finally starts to wake up, his eyes going wide as I bend down and kiss him on the lips.

"Good morning," I whisper, trying not to let my thoughts get the best of me, because I know I'm in way over my head.

"I'll say," he replies, reaching down and grabbing my hips and grinding against me, making it very clear that that is all the talking we will be doing this morning.

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