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Rae's POV
I allow him to sweep me up off my feet, carrying me up the stairs and to our bedroom. He's taking the steps two at a time and the eagerness in his kisses has me giggling like a school girl as he sets me down and reaches for the hem of my shirt. I stop him, but only because I've missed those bee stung lips of his. I pull his face down towards mine, lightly kissing his lips before tugging him back toward the bed. I sit back on the bed, scooting back in the mass amounts of pillows that plague it while he just stands there in the dark, smirking down at me. When I finally slide back until I can't any farther, I pull my shirt over my shoulders and toss it at his feet, watching as his smirk grows wider as he recognizes the game we use to always play. He follows suit, taking his shirt off slowly, giving me a chance to gaze over his toned upper body. His eyes land on my breasts, and since it's his turn to decide which article of clothing is to be removed he lightly nods his head, and I know what he wants. I slowly reach around to the back clasp on my bra and remove it, one arm at a time before it slides down and I fling it over his shoulders. He licks his lips as I unbutton my jeans, shimmying out of them in my opportunity to get his pants off. As I'm still wiggling out of mine I laugh as his hit the floor and he joins me on the bed.

He kisses me lightly and in this moment, all my insecurities waste away. He trails his kisses down my neck, and I take the opportunity to apologize. "I'm sorry," I spat out. He pauses for a moment, and his slight hesitation scares me.

"For?" he prods before running his hand down from my neck all the way to where my panties lie, sliding his hand down under them and finding the little nub that automatically makes a whimper escape my mouth.

"I know I get a little senile when all those crazy teeny boppers flaunt around."

His hand stops, his head raising before he plants a passionate kiss on my lips and then tips my head up until I'm staring deep into the depths of his mocha colored eyes. "I look at all those girls, but I only see you." And just like that.. he has my hook, line, and sinker.

Sid's POV

Tonight in the Penguins formal Christmas Party and Mario's house and that makes me happy for two reasons; One, with the first half of my first season under my belt, I need a break from all of the drama and two, Rae will be there tonight.
Since our last meeting, things have dwindled down. I've given her the space she said is only appropriate and stayed content with eye contact from across the room. The tension is killing me; I don't like the distant stares. All it does is flaunt in front of me what I can't have.
And I don't mean that in a bad way toward Rae; she never once has done anything to make herself stand out in my eyes. I guess I'm just drawn to her, and that's my fault. But it's not exactly something that can be helped either. Since the first day I saw her, I've been far too aware of her. What is the most frustrating is I know she's semi-aware of me too; she just has steel defences that she won't seem to let me break down. I keep telling myself all I need is two minutes of her guard being dropped to finally get her to realize that this isn't going away anytime soon.
And maybe my confidence has me coming off a tad bit presumptuous, but giving up hope on her is not easily done.
I look at myself in the mirror, straightening my tie one last time before heading to the other side of the house that the party is being hosted in. Yes, other side of the house. Mario's house is HUGE, which I kind of like. It's big enough that my room is on it's one side of the house, but confined enough that I can find someone to be around if I get lonely.
As I round the corner of the hallway my eyes automatically lock onto her as she's making her way in the front door. She's smiling brightly as she's handing her coat over, giving me a good chance to appreciate the dress she's wearing. It's black with a modest neck line, but when she turns around to talk to Amy, another younger office girl, and I get a glimpse of how low her dress dips in the back, leaving her creamy white shoulders bare, I almost hyperventilate. She turns around, scanning the room to see who all is here when her eyes lock on mine. She gives me a small wave before adverting her glare around the room.
I mingle the rest of the night, completely unable to keep my eyes off of her while I talk to the "important" people that have been invited tonight. It's times like these that I wish I could just be a normal hockey player. I look around at the other table set up for tonight and can't help but be jealous. All of my teammates are sitting together having a good time, close to the table that Rae is at I might add, while I'm sitting over here being professional and watching my every word. What I'd give to be able to be just a normal guy...
As the night goes on, I see Rae excuse herself from the table, getting up and walking down a hallway and disappearing from the rest of the group. I know this is my only chance, so I get up and excuse myself too, walking off toward my part of the house. I stumble down the hallways, looking to try and find that room she could have went in to. I'm almost to my room and am about to panic as I know I'm running out of options to find her as I walk part Mario's study, and find her in there looking at the books on his bookshelf.
"Party too much for you?" I ask, startling her as she drops the book she was looking at. "Sorry," I chuckle while still standing in the door frame.
"Oh, no" she starts while smiling. "I was looking for a bathroom and ran across this. I hope Mario doesn't mind, but he has so many books," she continues in admiration before turning around and looking at the bookshelf that takes up that whole side of the wall. "I never imagined," she says with a shrug of her shoulders.
"Never imagined what? That hockey players can actually be intellectual?"
"I didn't mean it like that," she replies with wide eyes, looking sorry for offending me. I give her a small smile to let her know it's okay, and then we both just sort of stand there looking at each other. "Look at you, looking all debonair," she comments with a sexy smile while gesturing to my tux.
"It's does nothing to compare to the way you look tonight," I respond while walking into the room, getting closer to her but not close enough to startle her. I look her up and down, and I know she knows the thoughts I have going through my mind.
"Sid," she mumbles as I walk closer to her. A stray piece of hair hangs down in her face, and I hesitate before reaching out and tucking it behind her ear, surprised when her hand leans into my touches. Her eyes fall closed before looking up into mine, desire clear in her eyes.
So I do it, I lean forward and I kiss her. Her immediate response is timid, like she's afraid to get caught with her hand in the cookie jar again, but after a few seconds her lips start to press back against mine hungrily, egging me on and making me subconsciously push her backwards until she's backed up against the bookshelf. My tongue reaches out and traces her lips, asking for acceptance, and as soon as her mouth parts I know I'm going to have a hard time stopping from here.
I move my kisses from her lips down her neck and relish in the little catlike mews she makes in response, and love it even more when she takes my hand in hers and guides it towards her breast. I cup them in my hands, the fact that she's not wearing a bra making me instantly hard. I lightly tweak her nipples, and then moan I get in response makes me nip at her neck, knowing I probably left a mark. She runs her hand down my chest, all the way down until she's got a firm grip on me through my pants, and that's when I stop and pull my head away from her, looking at her to make sure this is okay. She pulls my lips back down to hers, giving me more approval that I needed.
"Bedroom," she commands in between kisses, running her hands through my hair and pulling on the curls that pool around my neck to make me pull my head back and look at her. "Now."
I oblige, picking her up and carrying her around the corner and up the stairs to my room, plowing through the door and dropping her on the bed before turning around and shutting the door and locking it, just in case. I turn around, only to find she's already beginning to slip out of her dress, and the site of her perky breasts uncovered for my greedy eyes makes me pause in my tracks.
"Pants off," she purrs while stepping out of her dress, leaving her in a black lace thong and high heels. Once again, I find myself listening to her commands, making me now realize why guys fall for older women. I quickly discard my jacket, tie and kick off my shoes before working on my pants as I walk over toward the bed, where she's already laying down.
I lay down beside her, kissing her and playing with her breasts while she kicks her shoes off as well before once again taking my hand in hers and guiding it down her stomach and below her underwear, and after that I need no guidance. I find the little nub that automatically makes her stiffen, automatically makes her groan and automatically makes her start pulling at my boxers. I bat her hand away before sticking one finger inside of her, and then two just to make sure she's ready and then sliding her panties off, my boxers following.
She quickly reaches up for me, pulling me down on top of her, eagerly pressing her hips my direction as I slide into her heated center. She stifles a small, content sigh and I stop and look down at her, her green eyes telling me everything I want them to before I make my first tentative thrust.
'I've got her,' I think to myself with a smile.


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